Nanney and Son, Inc., is proud to welcome you to this brief introduction of our CNC machining facility. Originally, the first small building was founded on the basis of machining components for a tire-building plant nearby. Within a short time, other customers were attracted to the high quality, reliable, supplier services provided. As the customer base expanded, along with our understanding of the needs of these new customers, additional services like welding, painting, and assembly processes were added. Our high quality CNC milled and turned components were now being combined with parts bought from a variety of outside sources, which were in turn welded, heat treated, powder coated, painted, and then forwarded to our in-house assembly stations before being shipped to the customer as a ready-to-use sub-assembly. After undergoing two expansions, our CNC machining facility now has 42,000 square feet of manufacturing, quality assurance, warehouse, and office space under one roof.

Welding processes include AWS certification in TIG, MIG, and Stick. Our specialized painting facility is isolated from the machining environment to ensure a high quality, long-life coating. The business relationships developed over 35 years allow us to add a wide range of custom metal working processes, from investment castings, iron, aluminum, and brass castings, and laser cutting, to secondary operations like heat treating, powder coating, and plating. Our highly skilled staff brings many years of experience in the design and uses of castings, plate, and bar stock to our CNC machining and metal working skills, providing our customers with a dependable service that is more than just the purchase of a product. In addition, we have been ISO 9001:2000 certified for almost 15 years, providing additional confidence that our finished products ready to use when shipped.
From our humble beginnings serving the tire industry market with short to medium-volume CNC machined parts, we have seen our growth develop in many other markets. Railroad and mass transit, valves, power generation and transmission, aerospace, and fire suppression markets represent some of the larger market segments we participate in. As Alabama continues to enjoy a high growth rate in the aerospace market, we place a great deal of emphasis on supporting these new customers, while also ensuring that our existing customers’ needs are met. Aerospace and power generation applications often require the use of exotic alloys, an area where our innovative staff continues to develop improved methods for machining these alloys. Our location in north central Alabama, and easy access to Interstate 59, Interstate 20, and Hwy 431 gives us easy access to the major transportation networks in the state. We will continue to place special emphasis on short-to-medium-volume machining projects, an area that is often overlooked and underserved.

We hope you will find the information you need in this site, and that you will provide us with the opportunity to answer other questions that are not addressed here.

Tim Nanney
President and CEO