Nanney and Son, Inc is located in Glencoe, Alabama. Being in North East Alabama we are convenient to raw material and special processing vendors in Atlanta, Chattanooga, Birmingham and Huntsville. 

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Nanney and Son, Inc is housed in a climate controlled 42,000 square foot facility. The facility is made up of several areas including a 4,000 square foot front office. The manufacturing shop takes up most of the remaining area except for an enclosed Quality Assurance area and an enclosed warehouse area. 

To keep control of business activities we utilize Job Boss Software to manage our customer orders, manufacturing travelers, vendor purchase orders, inventory transactions, and shipping / receiving transactions. This system runs on a local network with terminals available to all staff employees. We keep real time control on orders through our integrated data collection system that consist of bar coded manufacturing travelers and four scanning stations located in the shop. Employee ID, time on job, accepted quantity and scrap quantity are captured in real time.